Game Crashes & Desync

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Game Crashes & Desync

Post by Sunus » Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:55 am

Game crashes
All game crashes are related to game version. It is very unlikely to have game crash if all players has game version higher than 1.28.*. As you know p1l1s bots are connected to various international servers, some servers still using 1.26a version clients. So, if more players has lower version number, it's a higher chance the game ends due to a game crash.

The main causes:
Crash caused by Chain Lightning - Fixed in 1.27a version.
Out of Memory Crash - It depends on the hardware you have and the map you play, but it's better managed at 1.28.* versions.

Game desync
After playing an old Russian Castle Fight map you MUST restart your Warcraft3 game in order to play at p1l1s bot. If not - you will be kicked out due to desync just after the map loads up. This is due to old map permanently rewrites some memory regions in Warcraft 3.

In game:
The most common desync is when the host player leaves the game. It's because bot can't find the new host fast enough due to delay or remaining players does not have ability to host, so all players are kicked. Host player becomes first player who joins the lobby with the ability to host the game.
Some desync might happen due to poor connection to p1l1s bots. If you have high latency and slow internet connection, losing lots of packets it can happen any time to you during the game.
Also there is a chance of getting a desync due to an error in the map code, Castle Fight map does not have any known errors related to desync, as they has been fixed long time ago in earlier map versions.
It also depends on game version, the higher version you have, the less chance of getting the desync even with poor internet connection.

Update your game client to 1.28.* version. Keep in mind, because of you playing with old version, you making suffer other innocent players.
If your server admins does not bother to update your client version to playable version you should ask yourself, maybe it's time to change the server ?

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